The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer

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In many developing countries, big corporations and government officials are getting rich off of natural resources while the rest of the population only grows poorer. The key to this disturbing paradox is that oil, gas, and mining companies are currently allowed to make massive payoffs to foreign governments entirely in secret. By passing this money under the public’s radar, officials are not obligated to put it toward food, schools, and other necessities. A bill to end this injustice is gaining support in Congress, but unfortunately, oil, gas and mining lobbyist are incredibly powerful. Lawmakers therefore need our help. According to Oxfam International—a non-governmental organization that aids countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Peru, and Cambodia—more than 10,000 people wrote to Congress recently in support of this crucial legislation. Now the goal for this week is to double that amount. Whether by phone, letter, or e-mail, do your part by telling Congress to open the books on mining and drilling. Help empower some of the world’s poorest people by letting them know who in their country they can hold accountable.

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