Trusted Ways to Donate to Hurricane Relief Efforts

Trusted Ways to Donate to Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hurricane Irma impacted communities throughout the Caribbean and the southeastern United States. Hitting the Caribbean islands the hardest, Irma has left millions of people to rebuild in its wake.

Google matched the first $1 million in donations, and together people have already raised $2 million. However, the crisis isn’t over. Although the match is completed, contributions can still provide critical relief to those in need. Money from Google will get dispersed between charities.

Help the Animals: Our animal friends need help to, some reputable organizations you can give money to are American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalsthe Best Friends Animal Society, and the South Florida Wildlife Center.

Rainbow World Fund is an all-volunteer, international, humanitarian service agency based in the LGBT and friends community. RWF’s mission is to promote LGBT philanthropy in the area of world humanitarian relief including Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief.

Oxfam is working to bring clean and sanitary water to hurricane effected regions across the US and the Caribbean.

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