Two Men Married in West Point’s Cadet Chapel

Image via PASSPORT

Image via PASSPORT

A gay couple was married in the U.S. Military Academy’s Cadet Chapel on Sunday at West Point in the first on-campus gay wedding between two males. The small, intimate affair officially joined Larry Choate III and Daniel Lennox in a legal matrimony officially sanctioned by the state of New York since 2011, as reported by The Atlantic.

Larry and Daniel are 2009 and 2007 graduates of West Point, respectively, and, like many before them, wanted to return to their alma mater to exchange vows. Larry and Daniel didn’t actually meet at West Point, but were introduced later by a mutual friend. Larry once taught Sunday school in the campus chapel and had long hoped to be married within its walls despite attending West Point at a time when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was still official military policy, according to the Associated Press.

A beautiful image gallery by Jill Knight in the New York Times documents Larry and Daniel’s journey from the day-to-day of their former lives in Columbus, Ga. to the chapel at West Point. They now live in Boston while Daniel completes a degree in business administration at Harvard. About 20 guests attended their wedding. Larry and Daniel wore tuxes and each was accompanied by a best woman. Their new shared last name will be Lennox-Choate.

Last year, two lesbian couples were married in the same chapel at West Point, an iconic campus landmark with “Duty, Honor, Country” inscribed in stained glass windows and the largest church organ in the world.

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