How Did this Woman Fly to London without a Passport or Plane Ticket?

It seems that all it took one woman to fly to fly from Chicago to London without a ticket or a passport was putting her hair in front of her face and just walking past security. A 66-year-old simply walked through security at Chicago O’Hare without being questioned and originally tried to board a plane bound for Connecticut. Her attempt to just walk on the plane was foiled when gate agents asked her to have a seat. But she wasn’t having any of it. Marilyn Hartman then decided to hop aboard an airport shuttle to the international terminal (which requires a boarding pass and ID), and she was taken to the gates where she spent the night before deciding that London’s Heathrow would be a nice adventure.

She took an empty seat, and off she went to London. Hartman didn’t outsmart notoriously efficient British customs though. She was caught and sent back to Chicago.

It turns out that this wasn’t her first attempt at airport shenanigans—she was caught in 2014, 2015, and 2016. She is what’s known as a “serial stowaway” by airport security. Now, she faces a felony theft charge for flying to London without a $2,400 ticket and a misdemeanor trespass.


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