‘Wonder Woman’ to Get Women-Only Screenings

‘Wonder Woman’ to Get Women-Only Screenings

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas announced yesterday women-only screenings of Wonder Woman at its Alamo Ritz location in Austin, Texas. Celebrating the release of the super hero film the venue will be run by an all female staff and they are inviting “people who identify as female.” “No guys allowed” however has caused some men, who completely miss the point of this feminist landmark occasion, to whine online.

In the over 15 years that superheroes have been blockbuster gold, Wonder Woman is the first female lead movie. The heroin has been around for 76 years and is arguably one of the most iconic super heroes of all time. Similarly peers Batman, Superman, and Spiderman have had multiple movies including reboots the Goddess of Truth is long over due.

Every woman, teenager, young girl, and feminist deserves this moment. I for one have my Wonder Woman T-shirt and tickets ready for opening weekend.

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