10 Tips for Making the Most of Your European River Cruise

Better Midler once said that with all those different countries so close together, Europe is like a giant Disneyland.

And she’s right: waking up every day in another obscenely picturesque country makes it feel like you’re just popping from attraction to attraction at Epcot – except without the churros, and kids throwing up on your Prada man bag.

And of course, the scenery is real. Taking a river cruise means sailing past castles, gothic bridges and over-the-top palaces. It’s like an E-ticket ride where alcohol is served.

But being a newbie to the river cruise scene can mean making mistakes that impact the quality of your cruise. So, herewith are some tips for making the most out of yours.

  • Check what’s included in your fare. As a rule, river cruise vacations include a bit more than ocean cruises (which partially explains the higher price), but the handful of tour operators who charter gay river cruises can vary substantially. Brand g Vacations – the undisputed leader in this segment – offers the most all-inclusive experience, usually including two nights in a pre- or post-cruise hotel (4.5 or 5-star), transfers, shore tours and unlimited adult beverages. Basically, everything but your airfare.

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