10,000 Gay Men to Receive PrEP in England

Over 10,000 gay men will receive PrEP in England this summer Gay Times Reports. The trial is a part of an initiative made by NHS England and Public Health England to study the implementation and availability of the drug over the next three years.

Truvada has not been easily available in the UK, and the cost was high at “£400 per patient a month.” This is a step forward into extinguishing HIV from the world and apparently it’s more cost effective which makes it a good deal all around.

NHS England had originally argued in a sstatement that they were only legally bound to treat those who had contracted HIV and that it was up to “local authorities” to provide preventative measures. In a High Court ruling judge Justice Green had deemed the NHS had “erred in judgement” and should provide prevention.

Trials could begin as soon as August.

PrEP for LGBT London Community


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