3 Organizations Using Travel to Make a Difference

There are many wonderful organizations around the globe working to make our planet a better place, so we’d like to share with you just a couple that are making a difference using travel. From groups helping to get people to hospitals for urgent medical care, to organizations providing travelers with an opportunity to help others, here are three of the best!


Photo by Andriy Bondarev

People can’t always afford to travel to first-rate institutions in the US to get much-needed treatments that they deserve. A beautiful program called Angel Flight East works really closely with hospitals and people to bring in-need patients to hospitals in the Eastern region of the US. And it’s all done thanks to the generosity of volunteer pilots who use their own private planes and cover all the flight expenses. They also work with other volunteer flight organizations if a hospital is too far away.


Casa Ruby, Love Travels Marriott. Image Courtesy of Casa Ruby

Marriott International is partnering again this year with Casa Ruby and True Colors in a show of support for LGBTQ homeless youths. The company invites members of the public to create their own piece of art to be added to a powerful #lovetravels mosaic that will be displayed in D.C. in the Freedom Plaza during the city’s Pride celebrations. Marriott also pledges money to these organizations.


Go Eco

Image Courtesy of Go Eco.

GoEco was created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the community, wildlife, and environment they visit. Based on years of practice and in-depth field reports, GoEco presents a careful selection of excellent yet affordable volunteer and ecological-minded vacations. The travel organization works with organizations on the ground level to help create meaningful change while also forming lifelong bonds.


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