40,000 Signatures to be Delivered to Ikea After Gay Couple Censored in Russia

Image via Change.org

Image via Change.org

After Ikea inexplicably removed a lesbian couple from their Russia catalog, over 40,000 people signed a petition demanding that the furniture giant republish their in-store magazine. The magazine included a feature story about a British lesbian couple, but was only removed from their Russian stores, a despicable move that more than 40,000 people felt went against the socially liberal Swedish brand. The photo and feature in Ikea’s magazine featured a lesbian couple, Clara and Kirsty, and discussed how the couple and their baby became closer while redecorating their small living space. The move also sparked at-store protests in addition to the petition. “We’re bringing the voices of 40,000 signers, and countless people around the globe who want corporate giants like IKEA to stand up against Russia’s brutal assault on LGBT people,” said Larry Poltavtsev, President of the Spectrum Human Rights. “For IKEA to erase LGBT people from their Russian publications only caters to the extreme brand of hatred and discrimination being promoted by Russian lawmakers.”

You can still sign the petition by visiting Change.org.

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