UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn Hopes For LGBT History In Schools

UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn Hopes For LGBT History In Schools

At the PinkNews Awards on Thursday, British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn declared his hopes for the inclusion of LGBT history in children’s education.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron was named “Ally of the Year, and Corbyn stepped onstage to commend Cameron’s work in LGBT rights. He also expressed his own thoughts on the future of LGBT equality in the UK, saying, “I firmly believe the role of government is to challenge the environment where hate festers, and that begins with education.”

He continued, “Imagine this embedded in the heart of the school curriculum. Our children would be learning about the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, whose contribution did so much to bring the second world war to an end.” He described the possibility of a gay history month, or the expansion of curriculum to include LGBT history and the evolution of LGBT rights.

This week has been an eventful one; just a few days before Corbyn’s speech, the ‘Alan Turing Law’ attempted to posthumously pardoned tens of thousands of gay men who had been convicted of now-abolished sexual crimes. Corbyn promised that if elected prime minister, he would offer a formal apology to those who had been convicted, perhaps spurred on by the people who have insisted a pardon isn’t enough. [Tel]


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