Watch This ‘Morphinominal’ Power Rangers Proposal

Marriage proposals can be tricky to plan, but one couple hit the nail on the head with a Power Rangers-themed proposal. James Reese and Anthony Grillo went viral after posting a video yesterday of their one-of-a-kind proposal onto Facebook.

The video shows them filming a cosplay, posing inside a convention center before going into a spot of nature to continue the shoot. Next to a charming waterfall and in full Ranger Garb, Grillo surprised his boyfriend by pulling out a ring. “It only made sense that I propose to you this way,” he says on one knee. “Doing the things that we love to do, and being together.”

In the Facebook post, Reese said, “You guys know that Anthony and I never do anything mediocre, we always have to be over-the-top! So, with that said, he had to make sure that the next step in our lives was more than special, it had to more Morphinominal!” Watch the adorable video below!

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