‘Scream’ Actress Bex Taylor-Klaus Comes Out As Gay

‘Scream’ Actress Bex Taylor-Klaus Comes Out As Gay

The 2016 election may have been a nightmare, but it has at least inspired one person to come out. Bex Taylor-Klaus, who plays Audrey Jensen in MTV’s tv show Scream, has just come out as lesbian and shared her thoughts about post-election America.

She had previously said that people would never know her sexuality. However, she announced over Twitter on Wednesday that she was indeed gay.

“Hello my name is bex and yes the rumors are true I am v gay,” she wrote.

She then conducted a livestream where she spoke with her fans and explained her decision to come out. “Part of why I’m coing out is because there’s so much hate and fear in and around the LGBT community right now and it’s important for us not to halt progress out of fear.”

“Yes, it’s a scary time, but we need to stand up and say, even if you are afraid, I’m not afraid, or even if I am afraid, I’m strong. I am who I am and you can’t take that away from me.” Find out more here!

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