Republicans Reintroduce Anti-LGBT First Amendment Defense Act

Republicans Reintroduce Anti-LGBT First Amendment Defense Act

Last year, Republican senators proposed the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), a bill offering legal protections to those opposing same-sex marriage. The bill didn’t win sufficient votes in either the House or the Senate, but they are now planning to re-introduce the bill under the Trump presidency.

FADA claims to protect people, groups, or corporations who are against gay marriage, by preventing the federal government from denying grants, contracts, employment, or benefits to people with such “moral” beliefs. Introduced by GOP senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, the bill was touted as a necessary means to protect religious freedom. Although some hold concerns that it would encourage homophobia, the bill doesn’t legalize discrimination, and existing civil rights laws would still be upheld.

Although the bill had been defeated, supporters are hoping it will be approved under the president-elect, who had endorsed the bill during his poisonous campaign. Conn Carroll, a representative for Senator Lee, said, “Hopefully November’s results will give us the momentum we need to get this done next year.” [Talking Points Memo]

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