55-Year Gay Couple Lead Necco’s 150-Anniversary Sweethearts Campaign this Valentine’s Day

Screen Cap via YouTube
Screen Cap via YouTube
Image via Passport
Image via Passport

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the popular Valentine’s Day candy Sweethearts, the parent company, Necco, has created a heartwarming video of a gay couple as part of their anniversary celebration and contest for people to share their “sweet stories.”

Adweek writes: “A new campaign from Hill Holliday seeks to give the brand a modern makeover by plugging into social themes, including marriage equality. That’s a novel approach for the confectionery category and a new recipe for this historically conservative marketer, which produces some 2.5 billion—yes, that’s billion—of the candies each year.”

When visiting the contest website, visitors will meet octogenarian sweethearts Jack and George who have been together for 55 years. The two Texans finally got married in 2015, and they share their heart-meltingly sweet story.

“Our communities are becoming bigger and more connected,” said Necco CEO Michael McGee. “For a brand, that means traditional, one-sided communication is not enough. You have to find ways to help consumers participate with your brand and have your conversation become interactive.”

You can enter the contest by clicking here. 

Watch their video after the jump…


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