6 Reasons Doug Jones’s Gay Son is Our New Crush

Doug Jones exceeded expectations two weeks ago when he beat out bigot and accused pedophile Roy Moore in becoming Alabama’s next senator, and this week, we’ve come to learn that not only is Jones a left-wining Democrat, but also has a gay son named Carson Jones. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite photos.

  1. He likes to kick back in Key West.



He likes a good cocktail

When school work turns into margaritas #fuzzys #margs #tequillatime #summer?

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3) He enjoys shirtless hikes

4) He enjoys a good pride

#pride #Denver #dapper #firefighters #chubbies @chubbies #denverpride

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5) He works at a zoo


6) He loves his dog

Someone missed me #lablife #scoutmaster #home

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