60 Super Markets & Amazing Food Halls Around The World

String Bean Alley , Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia. Image vai Passport

String Bean Alley , Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia. Image via Passport

by Jeff Heilman

Growing up in 1970’s London and fortunate to travel much of continental Europe during my decade there, I was captivated by the world of food halls and outdoor markets. My fascination began at Harrods, where the vintage trappings and masterpiece displays in its wonderland food department tantalized my imagination to no end. Seeking out epicurean emporia wherever I have traveled since, my market memories, from the Algarve to the Arctic Circle, are a lasting feast.

Today, with culinary tourism prominent in global travel, food halls are attracting widespread attention as unique centers of exploration, learning, and discovery. As the old saying goes, “the history of the world is found on the plate,” and so when traveling, there are few purer pleasures than connecting with producers and sellers directly at the point of sale.

Many of the world’s greatest food halls are akin to cathedrals, temples, museums, and palaces, with past lives and legacies as flavorsome as their food. Of course, finery and prestige can mean equally opulent pricing, along with the occasional frosty attitude toward Instagram-hungry tourists. Mostly, though, food halls and markets are about carrying on the tradition, from the earliest days of civilization, of bringing people together with food and drink.

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