90-Year-Old Transgender World War II Vet Shows Us that Beauty is Being True to One’s Self, At Any Age

A World War II veteran who served in the Far East, India, East Africa, and Palestine,  has come out openly as a transgender woman at 90 years young. Formerly known as Peter, Patricia is hoping that she’ll be able to complete her transformation before she reaches 100.

It was initially fear that prevented her from living her true self, but now feels that she can live more openly. Living a “hetero-normative” life, Patricia married a woman and the two enjoyed a 63-year marriage. But after Patricia told her about his true feelings in 1987, the two led a behind-closed-doors life. They would often both dress up in women’s clothing and exchange jewelry.

Patricia Davies knew that she was a woman since she was only three years old. Finally, though she came out to doctors last year, but continued to live in the closet out of fear of people’s reactions on the street. She now proudly is on hormone therapy, is out to her neighbors, and  feels like a massive weight is off her shoulders.  “I have been keeping quiet. I have slowly started to tell some of my neighbours. Everybody said ‘don’t worry, as long as you’re happy,” she told the Mirror

The Mirror has a much longer more in-depth profile on this inspirational woman.

Photo via MikeJones.

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