A Female-Headed Queer Love Story Blooms on BuzzFeed

Premiering Tuesday, October 9, BuzzFeed’s Romeo Likes Juliet will depict a queer love story, with Maggie Jung and Chantel Houston as Romeo and Juliet, and a largely female cast. The 21st-century take on Shakespeare’s classic will unfold on Instagram over eight days. Seven characters—Juliet, Romeo, Tybalt, Mercutio, Paris, Rosaline and Senator Capulet —will post photos, upload stories, film videos for IGTV, and interact with their “friends” at Verona High School via comments, likes and tags—all while navigating friendship, love and cyberbullying.

The characters are currently live on Instagram, so give them a follow and they’ll pop into your feed on Tuesday, October 9 when the fun begins.

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