A Gay Vulture Couple is Tending to an Egg at a German Zoo

Photo via Passport Magazine

Photo via Passport Magazine

A couple of male vultures are tending to an egg together at the Tierpark Nordhorn Zoo in Lower Saxony, Germany.

When the egg circuitously fell two meters from a tree into the mud below, zoo keepers determined that the egg, laid by a vulture named Lisa, would be better suited in the loving care of two male vultures, who had already prepared a beautiful nest, using their inborn talent as interior designers. Lisa, rather, had made no attempts to build a nest of her own.

After keeping the egg in an incubator for a short time, Towleroad reports, the egg was handed off to Isis and Nordhorn, who wasted no time in tending to it.

What isn’t clear is if the egg has been fertilized yet. But, we’re rooting for you, gay vultures.

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