A Toast to the Best Airport Bars in the US


Traveling long distances can be fun. It usually means that you’re off to some new land on the other side of the world where you’ll be welcomed with a sense of the exotic. The process that gets you there, however, can be less exciting. The monotonous system of suspension that airports all over the world employ can be overwhelming at times.

Jetsetter decided to scope out some spots that might leave you a little less wary and a little more excited about that 45-minute delay. With a beer in one hand and some artisanal grub in the other, that unwanted setback could turn into a daydream with the right buzz. Here are some of the best airport bars in the U.S.A. that will aid you in your quest for a strong drink and a place to kick back.

Everyone knows JFK Airport is huge and at times daunting, but when your flight has been pushed back, head over to Blue Smoke in Terminal 4. As Danny Meyer’s very own development, you can count on the food being prepared grades above those other dingy kiosks, and a bartender who knows what it means to build a proper Bloody Mary.

If you’re down in good ol’ Miami and need one more delicious Cuban meal and cocktail before you leave, head to Ku-Va in Terminal D at Miami International Airport. This place will assist you in knocking back those minty-fresh rum drinks and provide you with your fare share of rice, beans, and Cuban grilled pork.

Oregon, you may have heard, is the birthplace of Rouge Ales, a brewing company that has been pouring out some of the world’s most eccentrically flavored beers. If you find yourself in Portland at PDX, Concourse D is where you need to head to pick up a 22-ounce growler of these bad boys. They’ve got loads of different beers on tap that are sure to pique everyone’s interests.

Be sure to see Jetsetters full list of some of the best places to fill up during that wait.

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