A Transgender Woman Live Tweets Coming Out to Her Grandmother

Not knowing what her grandmother’s reaction would be, Leah Hintz decided to Live Tweet coming out as transgender. The 20-year-old Florida native posted the conversation to her social media channels. “So umm… i’m coming out to my dad and my grandma as a trans woman today!! this is how i’ll look when i tell them!! & i’m super nervous!! (please send help).”

Then, after coming out, she realized her nerves were misguided. She posted a picture of herself with her 86-year-old grandmother with a quote that her relative said to her. “You’ve always been so kind and sensitive. Now I see femininity in those memories. I’m proud of you for recognizing who you are and living as your true self. You’re a beautiful woman and, no matter who you become, I love you.”

The post has over 20k shares, since it was posted.

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