Abducted Syrian Lesbian Blogger May Be Hoax

The story of a captured lesbian blogger living in Damascus has been picking up steam as it circulates through many major news outlets, but the authenticity of the story is now being questioned as contradictory evidence continues to surface in the mainstream media.

It has come out that the image supposedly depicting the blogger, Amina Abdallah, is actually an image of a London woman by the name of Jelena Lecic. Lecic recently sat down for an interview with the BBC to discuss how she has been impacted by her association with the story.

View the video after the jump.

To make the matter more strange, the one person who claimed to be a friend of Abdallah, Sandra Bagaria, has now admitted that her relationship with Abdallah has been restricted entirely to email, and that she has never met Abdallah in person or via webcam.

The question now is whether Abdallah is a real woman who has gone to great lengths to maintain her privacy, or if she is merely a fictional figure representing a very real social struggle in the Middle East.

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