‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Gets Release Date, Get All the Champagne-Filled Deets Here

Image via BBC.

Image via BBC.

The highly anticipated Absolutely Fabulous movie is already filming. So, grab the Bollinger and try not to get too drunk till then, or in the spirit of Patsy Stone and Eddie drink it all and come to when the movie’s out. Jennifer Saunders told the British show Loose Women that the script is complete, but she was mum about any plot details. She told the girls: “We’re [shooting] in London and we might go to the South of France. I’m hoping we go to the South of France… I’m waiting for the budget. It could be anywhere — if it’s a big budget it will be the Bahamas…I’ve got another deadline on May 8th … and then we’ll probably do it in the autumn.”

Now, we’ve heard more details like Chris Colfer stopping by, some Spice Girls, drag queens (including a Dolly Parton), and even Kate Moss. Also we’ve heard that the girls are fleeing to the French Rivera from a fashion media disaster where they decide that life in the South of France could be a permanent move.


The movie is set for a July 2016 UK release, which means we should have it in the US around the same time!


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