Absolut’s Campaign Is a Celebration of How Far the UK’s Come Since Decriminalization of GAy

On July 27, 1967, after a heated late-night debate in London’s House of Commons, a piece of legislation called The Sexual Offences Act received royal assent. This symbolic action occurs whenever a bill is passed by Britain’s Parliament. Before a bill becomes an Act of Parliament, the Queen’s royal nod of approval is required, it then officially comes into force as British law. The act officially decriminalized homosexual acts between two men in private. (Check out our entire feature on how the UK is celebrating.)

Absolut, long before it was on trend thing to do supported gay and lesbian rights. The became the first non-gay company to advertise in a magazine (The Advocate) and sponsored some of the first prides. This year actually marked the 36th anniversary of their first campaign. Now, the vodka company is celebrating 50 years of decriminalization in Britain, and is also making the community remember that there is a lot of work still to be done.

Their beautiful new campaign called “Kiss With Pride,” is a bold statement. According to Adweek: “That several of the unnamed individuals featured in the posters, shot by noted celebrity photographer Sam Bradley, hail from regions where a mere kiss could result in jail time makes the images all the more striking.”

Absolut Gay Pride


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