ACLU Sues Utah School For Removing Book About Gay Parents

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After the Davis School District removed a book from a library that “normalizes a lifestyle [some parents] don’t agree with,” one mom, together with the ACLU, is fighting back. The book titled In Our Mothers’ House, by prolific author Patricia Polacco, tells the story of a family with same-sex parents and was offered in the easy-reading section of the library. The book wasn’t entirely removed from the shelves after the complaint, but was put behind the librarian’s desk and could then only be lent to children with a written permission slip. “I was shocked when I heard that a handful of parents had made a decision about whether everyone else’s kids could have access to this book,” said Tina Weber, the mother who filed the challenge. “Our job as parents is to make sure we teach our children about our values. We can do that without imposing our personal views on the rest of the school community.”

The school district asserts that leaving the book on the shelves would violate Utah’s sex education law, which prohibits instructional materials containing “advocacy of homosexuality.” The lawsuit argues that library books are not instructional materials under the statute and that including library books depicting families with same-sex parents does not constitute endorsement or “advocacy of homosexuality.”


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