Act Now: Anti-Gay Extremists Attack GLSEN PSAs Set to Air at Super Bowl

According to this information we just received from GLSEN: Anti-LGBT extremists are campaigning to make this Sunday’s Super Bowl a showcase for intolerance. Anti-gay activist Linda Harvey of Mission America is trying to pressure Grazie Media — owner of the Jumbotron outside the Super Bowl stadium in Indianapolis — to cancel air time it generously donated to GLSEN. That would have meant pulling the plug on highly visible presentations of our ThinkB4YouSpeak public service ads featuring NBA star Grant Hill and comedian Wanda Sykes.

Thank Grazie Media for Standing Strong Against Anti-LGBT Extremism. Grazie Media has stood against the pressure, and we want them to know they did the right thing and have the strongest gratitude of GLSEN supporters. We need your help to send a strong message of support to Grazie Media right now. Yours is critical. Just click on the link below, and add your name and email address to our letter.

Grazie Media will know right away that people like you won’t tolerate organized anti-LGBT bigotry. Harvey and her followers are counting on a wave of publicity about their attack on GLSEN and LGBT and allied youth. Grazie Media must know fair-minded people like you are speaking out, too.

Sign Our Thank-You Letter to Grazie. Keep the Super Bowl Safe for GLSEN’s Anti-Bullying Message

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