Ad Council Begins Campaign to End Bullying

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With an unfortunate series of youth suicides linked to bullying continuing to receive national attention, a new campaign backed by the nonprofit Advertising Council, targets parental support as a necessary component in ending adolescent taunting and torture. Following a survey by revealing that 80% of high schoolers witness bullying on a weekly basis, the Ad Council is partnering with groups including Facebook and AOL, to create print, television, and online ads (including ads in Spanish) that not only depict the harsh realities of bullying, but more importantly, encourage bystanders to take action. The campaign, entitled, “Be More Than A Bystander” cites the importance of parents talking to their children about bullying, in the same way vein of drugs, sex, and alcohol, encouraging them to step in when they see someone being picked on. The campaign is slated to run for over one year.

Read the full article in the New York Times and visit to support efforts to end bullying.

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