Airline Profits Soar Thanks to Extra Fees

Image via Passport

Remember the days when checking a bag was free-of-charge? Or when complimentary food on board was actually complimentary? Well, those days are long gone and airlines across the globe are reaping the benefits because of it. In a recent study conducted by Wisconsin-based IdeaWorks Company and Amadeus, it was reported that 50 major airlines throughout the world collected about 22.6 billion dollars in extra fees since 2011. Known as ancillary fees, these secondary charges include: food and drink fares, seat upgrades, bag check-ins, and reservation charges.  The study found that since 2009, the airlines have had a steady increase in revenue  and will continue to profit because of these extra charges. Despite the substantial amount of money airlines are reeling in, airlines such as United and Southwest Airlines have increased their round trip fares as of last week, so expect to pay a little more while flying this year.  In order to keep up with the latest fees and flying costs, visit Kayack for an up-to-date guide that will be sure to steer any anxious flyer in right direction []

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