All-Trans Boy Band Can Make History with Groundbreaking Reality Series

An all-transgender boyband called No Daughter Of Mine is currently crowdfunding a reality web series called Born Star based in Los Angeles. The show will follow the everyday lives of Ladyboy’s band members Ethan Remillard, Rowan Seitz, Cole Hayes, and Xander Idris as they pursue their music careers.

One of the goals of this series is to bring the everyday lives of trans people to mainstream media. Hayes noted, “Trans visibility, especially trans masculine visibility, is very limited.”

Ladyboy is here to change that. This show will portray their own journeys through transitioning, fight bigotry, and highlight issues within the trans community. “There’s no hand book for trans teens,” said Seitz.

But, more than anything, the main goal for Born Stars is to portray transgender people authentically living their lives true to their gender and to themselves.

Born Stars is designed to showcase the lives of four friends and band mates navigating music, sex, and life in Los Angeles,” said Remillard in their promotional video for the show. “Ultimately what we want to have people know is that it’s okay to be this way.”


The boys are currently collecting donations to cover production costs. So far, they have received $22,225 of their $25,000 goal.

“We’re hoping with this show to get more exposure, and basically show someone that we’re someone’s son,someone’s brother, someone’s grandson,” Idris said. “We’re humans with dreams just like everyone else.”

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