Removes Offensive Anti-Gay Calendar

Image via GLAAD.

After GLAAD and thousands of others spoke out against a highly offensive and anti-LGBT calendar by cartoonist Joe King titled “I’m Not Gay, I’m Just a Sissy: 12 Months of Sexual Confusion” it appears that decided too that the calendar was too offensive for their site and pulled the ad.

Though Amazon has yet to comment, the calendar no longer appears to be available after thousands called on to stand up for their LGBT customers by pulling the calendar.

On Wednesday, Barnes & Noble removed the product from their website. A spokesperson for the company confirmed to GLAAD that it was never sold in stores.

King’s cartoons employed outdated and highly offensive stereotypes about LGBT people, and more specifically, gay men and transgender women. King responded to this controversy on his Facebook page: “Hoo-we! Hell hath no fury like a he/she scorned… The telephone tree of tantrums is lit up like a Las Vegas marquee for “Boy-Lesque” today with hate mail, threats of boycott and even the risk of Jesus spitting on me for my “Sissy” calendar. I SAID I WAS A SISSY UP FRONT. Ironic who the real bullies are isn’t it? Let’s see if I get a call from Oprah’s people or even Anderson Cooper…”

We’re so happy to see company acting quickly on behalf of LGBT people everywhere.
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