America the Vacation-less

Via Passport Magazine.

Via Passport Magazine.

America; a nation of workaholics that dream of vacationing but never actually seem to travel far from their desks.

While the American gay community enjoys traveling frequently – according to Community Marketing Inc.’s 2014 poll, 39% of the LGBT community purchased a vacation in the last 12 months, while 46% planned to purchase a vacation in the next 12 months – it seems that more than a few of their hetero-cisgendered counterparts are missing out.

A recent survey by TravelZoo found that 69% of Americans plan vacations during the workday, however, according to the Huffington Post, 42% of Americans didn’t utilize even one of their vacation days in 2014.

While this disparity may in part be due to a higher disposable income in the gay community, it’s nonetheless obvious that the American people are desperate to leave the office, even if they never do.

Get up and go somewhere already! We know of a good place to start…

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