American Airlines Expands Curbside Check-In for International Travel

Image via Passport.

American Airlines has become the only airline to offer all of its international travelers the convenience of curbside check in. Now when you get to the airport, you won’t have to worry about getting a baggage cart and pushing it through the endless zig-zag queue. Instead, an American Airlines skycap will make sure your trip is a smooth as possible by checking in your bags. This even includes passengers heading to a country that requires a visa.

Since September, American has expanded this service to 28 airports that currently offer domestic curbside check-in. Thirty-one additional US markets will offer the new services by the beginning of November.

Curbside Check-in gives customers the opportunity to book, purchase, and check-in from home, drop their bags curbside, and move through the security check-point to their gate—completely avoiding the ticket counter.

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