American Airlines Working to Fix Major Flaw that Gave All Pilots off for the Holidays

To call American Airlines giving all of its pilots off for the holidays an oversight would minimize the true dilemma that the airline is in this coming month. Yesterday, passengers found out that the system that is used to schedule pilots’ flights gave way too many pilots a holiday vacation—with the potential of leaving some 15,000 flights without a driver.

The company quickly took hold of the yoke, though, describing yesterday’s headlines and reactions to be over-exaggerated.

Our friends at Travel Market News found out from AA that they “…are working diligently to address the issue … and ensure we get our customers to where they need to go over the holidays.”

The airline also noted that they have an entire reserve of pilots that they can call who would be more than happy to take the shifts (especially since they give 150 percent of the hourly rate to pilots who volunteer for these shifts).


The flights effected by the “glitch” are those taking place after the 17th until the end of the year. And while we have faith that the airline has enough time to correct the issue, if you’re flight, we suggest you keep checking in. Flights this time of year are extremely booked, so if you wait too long, you may find yourself stranded.

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