American Family Association Goes After Hilton Over Ad with Two Men in Bed

HIlton LGBT Ad

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Somehow we’ve been placed on the AFA’s e-mail newsletter, and we’re so happy we are so this didn’t slip through the cracks. The notoriously ridiculous association issued a call to action against Hilton Worldwide over an ad that features two men together in bed. While it’s been running in LGBT-specific magazine (including ours), Hilton decided to run it in Travel + Leisure. We applaud them for spreading the message that Hilton is for everyone, and demonstrating their commitment to LGBT inclusivity.

Be sure to shout out your support for the company through all their social media channels.

Full statement from the association below…

In the June, 2016, issue of Travel and Leisure magazine, Hilton Worldwide shocked readers by placing a full-page ad that featured two men in bed together. Click here to see the ad.

Travel and Leisure isn’t a gay-specific magazine sent directly to homosexual’s homes. It’s a widely distributed mainstream publication that can be found in many public places such as doctors’ or auto repair waiting rooms.

If Hilton had advertised two men playing tennis, cards, or having lunch, that would have been reasonable. However, Hilton chose to make a cultural and social statement by purposely marketing the promotion of homosexuality to a large segment of the population who finds the idea of two men sleeping together unnatural and offensive.

So far, Hilton is defending its decision to promote homosexuality in the magazine and will likely take it further with other forms of mainstream media. Hilton said, “Hilton Worldwide is a global company of diverse cultures serving diverse guests…We are proud to depict and reflect our guest diversity in our advertising…”

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