“American Transgender” Premieres Tomorrow

Image via NatGeo.

The National Geographic channel is rolling out a new documentary that follows tansgender people, including one woman who is about to embark on her wedding day. The show will premiere tomorrow. Here’s what NatGeo has to say:

Male or female?  Boy or girl?  Most of us can answer that question without a second thought.  But for some people, the answer isn’t so simple.  Go firsthand into the daily lives of three people who are transgender, and witness their struggles for acceptance and the triumphs and hardships they face along the way.  Clair’s family struggles to cope with losing a son and brother, while also learning to embrace their new daughter and sister.  Jim became a heartthrob in the transgender community after participating on a transgender dating show but really wants to get married and raise a family.  Eli returns home to his big, Italian-American family in Alabama hoping to win the support and guidance of his brother, so he can become the father and man that he wants to be.  Hear their stories in their own words as we follow them through day-to-day life in a world that sees them as anything but normal.



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