‘America’s Next Top Model’ Hottie, Nyle, Comes Out as Sexually ‘Fluid’

Massimo Campana & Erik Asla/Pottle Productions Inc.

Massimo Campana & Erik Asla/Pottle Productions Inc.

By far this season’s favorite contestant on America’s Next Top Model (yes, it’s still on the air) is the ridiculously handsome Nyle DiMarco, and now this piece of perfection has come out as sexually fluid in a Q&A on Twitter. While he struggled during the first half of this season, DiMarco is currently making a killer comeback, landing himself in the Tyra Suite on more than one occasion.

But while DiMarco has had to come out of his shell as a model to impress the judges, he’s also had to overcome a major obstacle—he’s deaf. While his handicap has never set him back in life, he’s struggled on the reality TV program with living 24/7 with non-Signing people.

On the show, though, he has never discussed his sexuality, but when a curious fan asked if he were into boys or girls, he said he was “fluid” and then linked to the website Everyday Feminism.

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