An Airline Made a URL Out of all Emojis, So How Many People Managed to Type it

Image via Norwegian
Image via Norwegian

Norwegian Airlines took a creative approach to directing people to their website. While some Baby Boomers looked at the ad in confusion, Millenials and Generation Z quickly typed in the URL to see what an airline, gambling, and making money meant. Norwegian Airlines used influential Instagram users to spread the message, and more than 1,600 people logged on to the website that described the low-cost international airlines new route from Copenhagen to Las Vegas.  “We know that young people aged 18 to 34 are incredibly complex to market to. Therefore we decided to take advantage of the target audience’s way of using emojis as well as the linear feed on Instagram to hype the destination,” said Tina Fristrup, senior marketing project manager at Norwegian Airlines.

Now that’s one way to capture the elusive new generation of travelers.

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