Angry Birds Take Flight on Finnair

Illustrated Version via Finnair.

The popular Finnish-created game Angry Birds may already be aboard aircrafts all over the world via cellphones and iPads, but the wildly addictive and popular game will soon adorn the outside of a Finnair aircraft. The wonky-looking game characters will get the Oprah treatment when they are plastered on the back of a very special flight from Helsinki to Singapore on what the company is calling the “longest, highest Angry Birds flight.” The company that creates the franchise, Rovio, launched a worldwide search for the biggest fans of the game to board the flight and take part in this one-of-a-kind competition at 36,000 feet.

“We always want to give awesome experiences to our fans, the fans of Angry Birds,” said Aki Snellman, a producer for Rovio. “This collaboration with Finnair seemed like a perfect fit to reward our most active fans and let them have a unique experience on board Finnair’s flight.”

This won’t be the last you’ll be hearing about Angry Birds, Rovio is trying hard to expand into Asia (even opening up retail outlets there), and the company is even launching an animation studio with the hopes of releasing full-length movies. [AdWeek]

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