Another Same-Sex Kiss In Planned for the Pope

Kiss-In in Barcelona Last Year. Image via TR.

Part of Pope Benedict XVI’s palpal duties is to visit his many devote followers around the world. Unfortunately for the Bishop of Rome, he’s not exactly welcomed everywhere he goes. When the Pope arrives in Madrid this Thursday, he’ll be greeted by a lot more than just righteous Catholics, he’ll be treated to a full-on gay show of affection. Hundreds of gays and lesbians (who have organized on Facebook) plan on greeting his holiness with a gay kiss-in. This isn’t new to the Pope, he witnessed a same-sex kiss-in the last time he visited Spain. The kiss-in is aimed at protesting the Roman Catholic Church’s “moral condemnations of sexuality,” a spokesman for the Transmaricabollo group, Jaime del Val, told AFP on Wednesday.

And, just for fun, we wouldn’t want you to forget when the Pope took pleasure in watching shirtless male acrobats! [TR]

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