Anti-Gay Groups Oppose a Lesbian for Mayor of Houston

A couple weeks ago we told you about the run-off elections in Houston, where openly gay Annise Parker and her opponent, Gene Locke, are back on the campaign trail for a December 12 election.

Reports are surfacing from multiple ministers and conservatives that suggest many are planning to launch a campaign to discourage voters from choosing to put a lesbian in office. The group is worried about a “gay takeover” of City Hall. (Two other candidates in the five remaining City Council races are openly gay.) Parker would be the first lesbian elected Mayor of a major US city. Another concern is that if Parker is elected, she would most likely overturn a 2001 city charter amendment that prohibits the city from giving benefits to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian employees.

“National gay and lesbian activists see this as an historic opportunity. The reality is that’s because they’re promoting an agenda which we believe to be contrary to the concerns of the community and destructive to the family,” said Dave Welch, executive director of the Houston Area Pastor Council. [Chron]

To find out more about Annise Parker read Passport‘s Profile here. Parker needs your help, please take some time to make a small donation here.

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