Anti-Gay Northern Irish Bakery Shuts Down After Court Case

Ashers Baking Co., a Northern Irish bakery, shut down earlier this month. The business won a case in the UK Supreme Court after they refused to bake a “gay cake.” The lower courts found that the bakery did indeed discriminate when they refused to create a cake depicted Bert and Ernie and the worlds “support gay marriage.” The case then went to the UK’s Supreme Court, but then reversed the decision.

Ashers will now close its Belfast City Centre location due slow business after the controversy surrounding the court cases.  “It simply comes down to the figures,” general manager Daniel McArthur told The Independent. “We decided not to renew the lease. Belfast City Centre isn’t busy enough — our other shops are much busier. It’s been planned for some time and I am pleased to say there will be no job losses.”



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