Anti-Gay Radio Listener Gets Smack Down from DJ

Screen Shot via 92.9

Screen Shot via 92.9

Listening to the radio these past few months, we’ll bet you’ve heard Macklemore’s “Same Love” playing on near repeat. The host of Artimis Radio on 92.9 FM in Indiana didn’t think much of it when he spun the track for another time. That was, until, he received a phone call from a homophobic listener who identifies himself as Craig.  “I’m a Christian, I’m a God-fearing man, and I know those gays don’t have no place in America,” Craig told the radio host. We won’t spoil too much of the exchange, but let’s just say it ends with the DJ saying: “Please, please, please promise me that you’ll never listen to this station again, and that you’ll never call in again because, honestly, I could probably talk to the GM and owner here and they probably don’t want you to listen to the station ever again.”

Click here to listen to the full exchange.

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