Anti-LGBTQ Crimes Spike in Puerto Rico with 5 Recent Murders

The Human Rights Campaign has reported that there have been 10 murders against LGBTQ people in just 15 months in Puerto Rico. Five of those murders happened within the last two months. The HRC confirms that most of the murders have been against trans and non-binary women.

In a statement, Pedro Julio Serrano, spokesperson for the Broad Committee for the Search for Equity, says that radical right-wing politicians are to blame. “The violence we are experiencing is rooted in rhetoric and hateful actions on the part of religious fundamentalist politicians who incite their followers to persecute, demonize, and attack LGBTTIQ people. We’ve had enough of being used as scapegoats for their divisive agendas”

Back in September 2019, the HRC vowed to do more work for the transgender community by launching the Transgender Justice Initiative. “We are in the midst of a national crisis. People are dying, and the response must be swift, strong and rooted in solutions the transgender community is rightfully demanding,” said HRC President Alphonso David.

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