Archie Comics Meets the Cast of ‘Glee’

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Recently debuted on BuzzFeed is the latest collaboration of the Archie comics empire, introducing the characters of Riverdale to the cast of Glee. Archie Comics CO-CEO Jon Goldwater explains that a main concept behind the Archie storyline is that: “The characters stay the same, but Riverdale changes. And as musicians change in the culture, they can seamlessly integrate into comic books.” Following a previous issue which introduced the characters of KISS to life in Riverdale, this particular crossover makes a bit more sense, with the popular show and the timeless comic book sharing a similar number of high school themes. In fact, Kevin Keller, a Riverdale teenager first introduced in Veronica issue #202, was the first openly gay character in comics.

Issue #641 will be released February 2013, and is following a previous collaborative issue of Archie and KISS.

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