Are American Jobs Being Outsourced to China by Romney?

The Romney/Ryan team have been unresponsive to the job crisis at Sensata. Image via Facebook.

One hundred seventy Americans are currently fighting the very real prospect of losing their jobs in the questionable move of the Sensata factory from Freeport, Il. to China. Sensata, an equipment factory owned by Bain Capital, a “private equity” firm started by Mitt Romney, has already begun to train Chinese workers as replacements as the first steps in shipping the company overseas, sparking an infuriated response from workers, whom have been camping out across from the factory in a protest space they are calling Bainport. Arrests have been made, while calls for help from Romney remain unanswered. With the factory set to move before the end of the year and workers in danger of losing both their jobs as well as retirement benefits, efforts to gain the attention and support from Romney continue.

For more details on this story, see recent full articles in Huffington Post and Daily Kos.

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