Are California LGBTQ Students Being Not Supported?

California LGBTQ Youth Report, a groundbreaking resource detailing the experiences of LGBTQ students in California. The report analyzes responses from more than 1,700 young people from California, ranging in age from 13 to 17, who participated in HRC’s online 2017 LGBTQ Teen Survey.

The study found that even with California state laws explicitly protecting LGBTQ students:

  • Only 10 percent of LGBTQ youth in California say all of their school staff are supportive of LGBTQ students;
  • Only 32 percent of LGBTQ youth in California always feel safe in the classroom;
  • Half of all respondents have been teased or bullied because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, and 28 percent of LGBTQ youth in California have been threatened with physical violence at least once because of their sexual orientation or gender identity;
  • Forty-three percent of transgender students can NEVER use the bathroom/locker room at school that matches their gender identity

“This groundbreaking data reveals that the cards remain stacked against LGBTQ youth in California — and especially so for LGBTQ youth of color and transgender and gender-expansive youth,” said Ellen Kahn, HRC Foundation Director of the Children, Youth & Families Program. “However, despite these challenges, many LGBTQ students are taking action and advocating for inclusivity and equality in schools. As advocates, parents, teachers, school administrators and school board members, we must follow their lead by implementing recommendations in this report, including ensuring curricula are LGBTQ-inclusive and supporting LGBTQ student clubs, to create safe, affirming and welcoming schools.”

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