Argentinian Gay Couple Become First Official Gay Dads

Image via Passport

A gay couple in Argentina recently welcomed a baby boy and will be the first same-sex couple to be listed on a birth certificate in that country. The healthy baby, Tobías, was born a few weeks ago in India after a surrogacy process. He’s now arrived to Argentina and both his fathers will be registered with no distinction between the biological father and his partner. While there have been a handful of lesbians who have been listed on birth certificates, the process for the two men has been challenging. Despite  the Marriage Equality Act, which states that there is no difference to be made between children of same-sex or opposite-sex couples. “It wasn’t easy to get to this point as the Civil Registry was at first reluctant to do it, but the work of the Legal Staff of the FALGBT made it possible,” according to Federación Argentina. Currently a modification in Argentina’s Civil Code is being debated in Congress that will make same-sex parents on the registration standard throughout the country. [IN]


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