‘Arrested Development’ Star Comes Out as Bisexual After New Season of Hit Series is Revealed

Alia Shawkat grew up on television as the no-nonsense, super-sarcastic character Maeby Fünke on Arrested Development, and the star, who is returning for another season of the show on Netflix, talks quite candidly in a new interview about her life off screen. Talking with Out, she casually revealed that she is bisexual, and her life as a tomboy.
“I was a tomboy growing up, and I remember my mom asking me when I was 10, “Are you attracted to boys or girls?” she said. “I said I don’t know. Now I consider myself bisexual, and I think balancing my male and female energies has been a big part of me growing as an actor,” she added.

“I used to be less outspoken. But as a woman, an Arab-American, and a member of the LGBTQ community, I have to use whatever voice I have. There’s no more delicacy in being quiet,” she told the mag.

Shawkat is also playing a lesbian in an upcoming film in which she cowrote titled Duck Butter. The film was originally set to center around a straight couple, but Shawkat wasn’t feeling some of the actors who auditioned. “But we couldn’t find the right guy, so now it happens to star two women [as lovers]” she said.

The famously eccentric Bluth family from Arrested Development is set to return to Netflix next year.

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