Artist Totally Lisa Franked a Deck of Tarot Cards

Image via Lisa Frank's Facebook

Image via Lisa Frank’s Facebook

This totally Lisa Franked–out Tarot card deck is everything. The cult-like following of the whimsical design firm may be hoping to attract the occult with this set of cards created by Frank-enthusiast Ariel Hart.

Frank’s fantasy-filled bright pink and unique style become synonymous with Millennials as the patterns adorned everything from trapper keepers to lunch boxes. There is also not much known about the woman who become synonymous with these unicorn, rainbow, and heart-filled patterns as she remained largely just a name and out of the spotlight.

Ariel Hart, though, talked to Refinery29 about why he designed this deck of cards.
“Odd fact is that I was homeschooled most of my life, I didn’t have the street cred factor of cool school supplies…For me, it’s a really great way to bond with people my age because it seems to be a touchstone of a time in school that I missed.”

Check out all the cards after the jump…

Lisa Frank Tarot Cards

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