Artists Put Up Anti-Trump Billboards in Cleveland Prior to Tonight’s Debate

A political action group made up of artists has decided to cover Cleveland with billboards featuring Trump quotes prior to tonight’s debates. The billboards are part of the Remember What They Did, #VoteThemOut campaign, aimed at getting Americans to remember the atrocities of the Trump administration.

Some of the billboards feature Trump’s notorious comments about the COVID-19 pandemic, including “…that’s going to sort of just disappear, I hope.” Others remind residents of his comments during the BLM uprising in June, where he stated, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Another, a projection onto the side of a building, simply shows $750, referring to the bombshell New York Times Report that unveiled Trump’s fraudulent business practices and his extremely low tax payments (many Americans pay more than Trump)

The billboards encourage viewers to visit – a website that encourages marginalized communities to vote – in order to learn more about the initiative and to find out more information on how to register to vote.

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